The Unexpected Call

I received a call today and I thought it was a customer because I remember talking to someone from that company before last year when I was in my previous team.

It turned out to be someone who asked me if I would be interested to work with them.

I was stunned for a while. Firstly, because he called my direct line and I have no idea how he got it. Secondly, it’s the first time someone is actually offering me something I’ve never asked or applied.

I’m happy that he called. Really. To me, that is something even though it might be something I didn’t want in the first place.

The position is still going to be customer service, in the same industry, but dealing with logistics. To imagine what the job is like, I just have to imagine what it’s like for my customers.

I don’t know whether to give it a try or go according to my plan, to go back to what I’ve studied.

For I’m curious to know what’s like to be on the other side, the customer’s side but then I will still have the “what if-s” that have not been answered yet.

The only thing I like now is that I know if I manage to answer the “what if-s”, I will have two options or more. I can continue to do what I like if I happen to find one or come back to do this if I realised that this is my thing.

I think you also don’t know what I’m talking right because I’m talking to myself. That’s how my brain talks when it’s thinking.


  • fishtail says:

    “I don’t know whether to give it a try or go according to my plan, to go back to what I’ve studied.” Go with your gut feelings! If they tell you to go, go; if they tell you to stay, then stay.

  • Grace says:

    Feelings were excited at first. Then, it changed after putting much thought to it. Decided to stay until I get something I want to do.

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