I took charge today.

I was all on my own.

I was scared.

I was also brave.

I worked hard today.

I worked for a long time.

There were still people walking over for help. Customers calling being passed to me because the department was down with two staff today. Boss wasn’t in for half a day. So, yeah, there was a lot to do.

I could only work in peace after 6pm, when the calls stop coming in and I’m only one left in the call centre. The air-con stopped blowing after that which I really like.

A colleague seated behind me was still there and he played his mp3. Music to the ears, that’s what it really was since music was not allowed during office hours.

He was so nice. He borrowed me his thumbdrive when I asked him whether he’s listening to the radio or CD. There was one song in his playlist that I liked, that’s why I asked. Now I’m repeating the song like mad at home.

I only left the office at 8pm. I could have left later but I made myself leave at 8pm. I don’t know why but I’m happy today. Even though I had to stay back.

Completed Round 1 today. Round 2 tomorrow.

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