Round 2

This is gonna be very long.

…is not as fun as Round 1. It is more challenging than Round 1.

Morning was still fine. In fact, the things that I took half a day to do a week ago now only took an hour to be completed.

I felt important too because I’m the one who has to make sure everything is okay. Let’s say if I was in charge of answering the calls only and that I’m not in, someone else can take over my place without much hassle. But what I’m doing now is not the case. I must make sure I’m there. I must make sure I don’t fall sick. Sometimes I wonder how my colleague does it alone. I mean a girl alone handling all inbound shipment for a particular port. Not like it’s a small one, in fact the busiest.

I’m driving to the office earlier because there is just motivation to be there to get things done. It’s like I have to be there to save the world. I leave later than usual too because I want to make sure everything is okay and then I jot down what to do the next day. It’s a combination of planning and spontaneous action each and everytime a new request comes in. Whereas, if I were to answer calls, it’s everything spontaneous, you cannot plan. So, each has got its challenges.

Lunch time was fun. I have been eating with new people, people that I don’t normally eat with. How? By just filling up the empty seat. I don’t know why but there has always been one left empty for the past few days.

There was this salesperson who was talking non-stop. He talks nonsense that makes sense. He is funny and he shares the same surname as me. As usual, people complain about their work and it’s understandable.

“I tell you lar, it’s like shit! Really like shit!”

I laughed.

“But one thing good about working here is you always get to learn something everyday. There is always something new. I know there will be problems coming. Sure one. But don’t know for which customer only.”

“The problem you solved here becomes your value. Let’s say next time when you leave the company for another job, people will ask you what problems you have managed to solve or challenges that you’ve overcomed, I can tell them what I’ve done. Imagine working in a place with no problems at all and when someone ask you the same question, you answer, “I’ve got no problem to solve, everything has been very smooth.” Different, right?”

I agree.

At times, be glad that you are in some shit. You don’t know what good the shit will bring. It may not be visible from where you stand in the shit now but who knows right? The shit is there for a reason.
“In my previous company, we are trained to be positive. Some people when given a problem, they will start complaining even before doing anything about it. They will questioned whether it can be solved when they have not even try. I mean even if you complain, it will not solve the problem. We must always think positive, think of only the good things and try to solve the problems. You must be daring to take up the challenge. You must learn.”

Then, came the last part which I couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

“You know, this company only take in smart people. You must pass the test first. You think they simply employ people. There are stupid guys out there but not here. They only take in smart people and people with a heart. You know why they take me in? Because I’m positive and I’m agressive.”

He was saying it jokingly and a matter-of-factly. That’s why he is in Sales. He sells himself well.

In the afternoon, things started to get crazy.

I’ve got numerous requests that are coming in at the same time.

Picture this:-

1. You are reading an email and thinking of how to solve the problem.

2. A colleague next to you transfers a call to you. You talk to the customer and you are given a new request that you need to deal with immediately.

3. Someone walks over and tell you some history that someone has started but I’m being put into the picture with no understanding of the story at all and I’ve got to figure it out on my own and solve it.

4. Someone else comes over and tell you to go to the counter because a customer is waiting for someone else who is on leave today. Grace, can you help?

5. As I stood up to walk to the counter, more calls being transferred to me as apparently this guy was damn desparate that he’s been calling for so many times to check for one thing. He said thank you for so many times too. Know why? Cos it’s a Friday.
6. You see an email coming in telling you to reply urgently because the dateline is Sunday 9pm, which means dateline for me to reply is today by 5pm. I’ve only got less than 2 hours to vomit out something.

7. Grace, can you help create this code?

All happening at the same time and I was not given any break. I couldn’t even afford a break. I felt so suffocated and I cannot sit still. There were too much to handle at a time.

All I managed somehow except for item #6. I needed some info from another party but no one replied to my email and it was approaching 5pm. I can risk without replying it but then I know I can’t leave it just like that. But I am also not sure of the answer. What I did? I just replied. I rather get myself into problem myself than leave everything unattended. I hope everything is okay. I just felt uneasy after replying to that email and I drove back home still thinking about it.

I hope I’ll survive Round 3 next Monday.

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