10 Life’s Simple Pleasures

I got tagged by pelf. This is the first time someone is tagging me so I must not disappoint.

Here goes…

1. Tugged under the blanket with Ducky and tuala busuk. Waking up in the morning with Ducky still by my side, still sleeping.

2. Drinking a bowl of steaming hot soup boiled by Mummy dearest to find that my nose is sweating. Those little drops of sweat…I call them diamonds.

3. Learning new things everyday.

4. Enjoying a cup of Iced Chocolate with a nice conversation. Roti bakar and teh tarik will do too.

5. Smelling my own sweat after a session at the gym.

6. When someone calls my name. (This is simple, no?)

7. Clocking out from work on Friday and singing in your car after that, hitting on your steering wheel as if it’s a drum while waiting the traffic light to turn green.

8. Eating ice-cream. My latest craze being Wall’s Moo!

9. Write. Write. Write.

10. Making noises of flying kisses over the phone with Pappy before ending the call.

Now it’s your turn, I’m tagging the people below:

1. Tim (10 Life’s Simple Pleasures in picture form. I know you are creative.)
2. Siah (Because you’ve got something to say) DONE
3. Charlene (A piece in Chinese, can?)
4. Piggy (A simple girl like you would love this.) DONE
5. Coffeeholic (Tell us what ticks you aside coffee.) DONE
6. Cirnelle (Because you are remembered!) DONE
7. You!


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