I Got No Money

I was blow drying my hair in the room, with the door ajar.

Mummy walked towards the kitchen and passed by the room. Paused and looked at me.

“Aiyoh! Still wearing that pyjamas? The shorts won’t fall meh?”

I purposely made it fall. Since it’s loose, I just need to shake a bit.


Then, Iris came and Mummy walked out of the kitchen.

Iris said, “Eh, pull up your shirt?”

I pulled up a bit lor. I know what they wanted to see. They want to see my shorts dangling, while revealing the undie that is not supposed to be seen.


“I got no money to buy lar ok?”

Actually, I’ve got problem throwing away comfortable pyjamas like that. Let it be koyak rabak but I’ll still wear because there’s something about all these koyak rayak pyjamas that makes sleeping an enjoyable activity.

“24 years old oh!” Mummy was telling Iris.

“Ya lor. 24 oh. Can get married already. Will get married soon. I cannot imagine.”

“I also cannot imagine. You see her like that. 24 years old oh!”

“Aiyah, no boyfriend how to get married?”

“Aiyah, she will get married when the time comes.”

Gracie continued blowing her hair.

Then, all of us were in the study room.

Mummy was wiping dry her hair with the towel.

“You see? You also got no money to buy bra ah?” Iris asked.

Maklumlah bra Mummy sudah koyak rabak juga.

“Aiyah, this one I wear to sleep only ma.”

“I also wear this pyjamas to sleep only what.” I said.


  • pelf says:

    I’m also wearing a-little-torn silk pyjamas I bought from Shanghai – it’s very comfortable and I will not trade that with any 100% cotton pyjamas.. 🙂

  • Siah says:


    I also like wearing those oversized ??? camp t-shirts. Most comfortable. For sleeping lah.

  • Grace says:

    pelf: Some things are meant to be torn or left torn.

    Siah: Umum. ???. Ahaha!

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