Prawns and Their Legs

I have been busy.

Because I’m leaving, boss has assigned me tasks to do and I will not be answering calls for 3 days. Today is the second day.

I need to plan, organise, think, teach, prepare system guide and everything my boss wants me to do.

I will do the best I can before I leave. I enjoy times like these when I do not need to answer the calls and I can concentrate on the tasks that has been assigned.
Am also guiding this new guy sitting beside me now since the one who is in charge is on leave for a week. He’s smart but we all make mistakes when we are still new and learning. Sometimes I prefer him to make mistakes so that he could learn better. I always feel that sometimes you learn best through mistakes. So, I decided not to spoon feed him but I think I am. I believe one must show some initiative of discovering things. Like how I would always try, think and try before I ask someone, instead of just asking someone whenever a problem pops up. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. There’s this joy of trying very hard but you still couldn’t quite get it and then you ask someone and someone tells you the answer and then you go, “Oooooohhh…!”

It’s more exciting that way than asking someone something without even thinking with your own feet on how you think would be the possible solutions. But of course, there are things that you would need to ask there and then.

One thing is that no matter how much a person teaches another verbally, one must still go through the situation itself to grasp a better idea and how to go about it. Knowing is one thing but going through the situation itself is another thing. So, I must be patient in teaching this new guy because sometimes I find that I’m repeating myself. But it’s okay because I always like to see that people are learning and I know he’s learning because he’s asking me questions.

Teaching is learning twice. I learn things too when he asks me something that I’m not too sure of and then I go get the answers and then explain it to him.

He has been lunching with me for two days already. He will wait till I go for lunch and he’ll sit down and eat with me. So nice. So now I’ve got more lunch buddies. And as usual, he asked me, “Grace, why are you so quiet?”

This is the one million dollar question and I never really know how to answer that question when someone asks me. I’m always trying to talk or say something but I think it’s never enough.

That is one.

Today, someone else commented the same thing. I do not know his name. So when he sat down, this female colleague of mine asks if he knows me. He said, “I know. She’s the most silent person in the office.”

I’m like… Yeah *speechless*

And the most frequent or well-known fact about me that is known to these people here is, “When Grace talks on the phone, you don’t know whether she’s talking or not.”

And then came another breaking news. The colleague sitting beside me (to my left) is leaving too. She’s just like me, going back to do the things she wants to do. I like her a lot. She’s good. Really good. She takes ownership of problems and I mean real problems, problems that are hard to solve, the kind that gets brushed away by someone who doesn’t like to be responsible of shitty stuff. She will deal with it even if she doesn’t know exactly what the solution is. Her efforts can be felt, at least I feel them and I like to observe people.

When we are free, we will talk and we were discussing about prawns. She has got this prawn toy in the office with five pairs of legs. Out of boredom, she asked if prawns have got 5 pairs of legs, which was one interesting question. I went back home one day and Mummy cooked prawns. I counted the legs of the prawns. 5 pairs. To confirm, I counted legs of more prawns and I can confirm that it’s 5 pairs.

Today I told her it’s confirmed that a prawn has got 5 pairs of legs. She laughed.

Would love to continue but brain not working because today’s class at the gym was good. I can sleep now while typing.

Good night. Dream a little dream of me.


  • Siah says:

    Totally agree on the learning on your own bit. Like how Takumi’s dad wanted him to blow his engine before installing a more powerful one that he had acquired for some time, because he wanted Takumi to be able to appreciate the power of the new engine.

    Yay! :d

    Still listening to that song. Damn addictive.

  • fishtail says:

    All the very best on your new job. Recalling some of your previous posts on your current job, I can’t help but feel you must be very very relieved to go.

  • Siah says:

    Bring your desk along if possible.

  • Grace says:

    Siah: I would if I could but I don’t think it’s possible to bring along the desk.

    You are a certified Initial D fan la! The song, it’ll be there until I’m in the mood for another song.

    fishtail: I am relieved to let go off the job but feel sad to part with the friends I’ve made here.

  • Coffeeholic says:

    You make me feel like counting prawn’s legs =))

  • Grace says:

    Coffeeholic: Go count! It’s fun!

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