This is a Story About a Duck Named Ducky

An old entry of mine from my old blog. Saw it when I was browsing through some files. Decided to post it here again. So, read…



My name is Ducky.


I am 4 years old.


I grew up in Toys “R” Us, One Utama.


One day, a girl named Grace caught sight of me among a bunch of ducks. Believe it or not, it was love at first sight for her. Why I say so? Because she chose to hug me out of the so many ducks lying dead with me.


I have been in Toys “R” Us my whole life but I haven’t once had a chance to tour around this toy store I belong to. But I did, thanks to Grace because she walked all over the toy store, hugging me, not wanting to let me go.


I saw tigers, dogs, Barbie, Lego, Play Doh, Harry Potter, Power Rangers….. I’m panting. I just can’t list them down here. It was so cool!


The tour ended as we reached the cashier. I was excited but Grace looked sad. She was mumbling to herself and raising her eyebrow, thinking deeply.


The next thing she did was walked all the way back to where she found me and put me down with all the other dead ducks again. She was still holding me like she doesn’t want to let me go. After a few seconds, she was out of sight. I was devastated.


When she was about to leave the store, I heard her telling her friends that she didn’t have enough money to buy me.


I wished I was cheaper.


I thought about her a lot. I didn’t know her name but it was the first time, someone hugged me, walked me around the toy store and for that split second, I felt belonged. The feeling is so nice.


One day after that, a guy came. He was having a hard time choosing what he want. He was staring at so many of us. I wanted to leave this place and I don’t care whether he’s a nice guy. I wanted to see the world.


I gave him a grin to make myself look cuter. I think it worked because he picked me. I thought the outside world was beautiful but I couldn’t see a thing. All I see is a white colour bag with a stupid smiling giraffe. I hope I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life in this bag. It’s terrifying!


The next colourful thing I saw was the sky. It was blue and there were clouds too. Then, someone took me out of the plastic bag and I saw two people. This guy who bought me and a girl who seemed to be so familiar. It was her!


My heart raced faster than ever.


She was so happy to see me. She gave me the most dashing smile I’ve ever seen. I felt pretty.


From then on, I’m always by Grace’s side. She can be gloomy at times and I see her cry a lot when she’s really upset. But I guess I helped a lot in cheering her up. She just seemed to melt away when she sees me. Sometimes she talks to me. Sometimes she just smile. Sometimes she just give me a pat on the head.


I wish I could talk.


Sometimes I get to see her work. Just like today, Grace seemed to appear serious. She was sitting in front of the computer and typing all the way, occasionally refering to this thick red book. What do you call it? Oh yeah, programming!


I can tell you Grace doesn’t like programming at all. Neither do I.


As you can see in the picture, I sat on a book named “How to Simplify Your Life.”


I don’t know how to read.


I wish I could read.


But I do know one thing. I know how to simplify Grace’s life.


The answer is me.


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