To the Ground Floor and Back

I met the new girl who’s replacing me. Today is her first day at work.

A fresh graduate. Majored in Mass Communication.

I like her.

Yesterday was the most boring day ever. I’ve never felt so bored before which made me feel so sleepy. To entertain myself, I went down to the toilet at ground floor instead of the one on the 2nd floor so that it would take more time before I get back into the office again. In fact, I contemplated on whether it was a good idea to actually walk out of the building, march around the surface parking under the hot sun just to get the boredom out of my system.

If there’s a day I feel like going home so much, it was yesterday. All of us in the department were counting the minutes. 9 minutes seemed like 9 years. No kidding!

Today was better. I had a customer who gave me heart attack. I knew I would get scolded because she’s already at the counter. I tried calling her in the morning to inform her not to come yet but she wasn’t in the office so I knew I had no luck.

When she came, I knew I was in deep shit. I just took whatever courage that’s there and marched out to the counter. She was not pleased but I tried to explain. She was okay and I was quite happy. Happy that I was able to keep my cool, even though I was really trembling inside. I’m afraid to meet people like that, especially when you know they come to you with a problem and that’s okay. It’s worse if you know you are going to get some good scolding, whether or not the problem has got to do with you. It’s all in the customer service package.
She called again in the afternoon and this time it was done. She sounded happier. My hati also sejuk already.

My story is not complete but again I need to head to bed. Good nite yo!

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