Sweet and bitter day.

Bitter because some people is just lashing out instruction, thinking it’s as easy as that and making us the front line’s life so miserable.

Received a call at the end of the day and got some good scolding.


In my heart, I hoped so too. Not because I want them to know he’s being rude but to let them know what pain they are putting us through. It’s not just the customer. It’s us.
He was angry and I fully understand. He scolds me, I fully understand. Not because he wanted to scold me personally but because he needed to vent out his anger and I was the channel that he could use to get the message through.

I don’t know how many times I would need to go through this or if I would still experience this or this working world like that.

At the time a few customers called, I was relaying the correct information as portrayed in the system. However, there were changes to it after that and I tried to call them as fast as I could before the day ended. As usual, some were okay. Some didn’t like it. Sometimes doing the right thing in telling them promptly about the changes isn’t helping. I would be put to blame. And I know no matter how I complain or dislike, it’s going to be like that. But I just want to write and say it out, so please allow me.

What’s good today is I managed to help a customer. Something I’m doing out of boundary. If I was bad-hearted, I wouldn’t have helped. I helped because she has been calling for so many times that I think she has nowhere to go and is so desparate. I was merely trying my luck. My Japanese counterpart helped me and I was happy. Feels like mission impossible accomplished.
That is my Friday.

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