Happiness Is…#15

When sitting down in front of the computer and Mummy walks into the room, stands in front of you.

A rock and roll song plays on my Winamp. Mummy starts to do the jogging in one position action. Meaning legs not moving, hands moving as you do when you jog. Shaking her body, her chest.

I start to do the same too. Followed by the “fly-away”. Meaning your left hand flies away and comes back then your right hand flies away and comes back.

Iris finishes talking to Pappy on the phone and says to us, “You all sot ar!”



  • fishtail says:

    A very philosophical post by a very philosophically thinking person. “So, I say looking for a job is like looking for a boyfriend.” In many ways, looking for a suitable job is like looking for a boyfriend. The one difference is that while a boyfriend is also looking for you, there is hardly any job that is looking for you (unless and until you become a very famous person). So sorry to read that you don’t like your present job, but I hope you will gradually come to find it tolerable. You are right; life is not a bed of roses.

  • Grace says:

    You’re right and another point added to it. That’s why I’m still looking for a job. Will not stop looking until I find something that is bearable, better still enjoyable.

    It is indeed scary to be out of the frying pan and to find yourself in a fire. Odd but true, there are times during work now that I wished I was still in the frying pan. But one must not look back. I’ll try to get out of the fire.

    It surely will become tolerable as time goes by but there is still something in me that tells me to reach further. I’ve not listened to my heart before this and I think I should now.

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