My Toe Nail

What I planned to do today is to go on a shopping spree after work today. Uh huh, I still couldn’t get over the fact that I’m working on Saturdays.

Went to the ATM to withdraw some cash and as I made my way into the bank, I hurt my foot. I didn’t know how I hurt it because I just walked in and my foot sort of knocked into the wall, assuming the pathway is the same level as outside. I guess I knocked into the wall that is a level higher than the one outside. Argh…if only you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, let’s just say I knocked into something la!

I felt the pain but I thought it’s just a knock and pain thing, which I would encounter from time to time. It’s either my first toe or the last toe. Today it’s the big toe. And it hurts.

I looked down and saw blood. But I did not faint.

Iris was already outside of the bank, waiting to pick me up from work. The bank is next to my office.

Went into the car and examined my toe. Iris gave me a kind of look like she’s never going to look at my foot the same way anymore.

A small portion of the toe nail is ripped off but still intact. Not something I like to see. I held on to it for the pain to go away.

It did for a while and then I examined it again. Tried to rip off ripped toe nail but toe nail is so healthy, it just didn’t want to be removed. Sounds painful ya but it wasn’t painful at all.

As the wind blows, it gives Mr.Toe a tingling sensation. I don’t enjoy such sensation.

I’ve experienced worse case than this. My last toe nail of my right foot has once been totally ripped off but I don’t remember how already. It has grown back of course but it’s not pretty anymore.

So Iris went to the nearby petrol station to pump petrol and got me a plaster. Wrapped toe nail with plaster and too hungry to even think of pain. Had McDonald’s to satisfy Iris’s desire. I had my 2nd Big Mac today.

Went to The Curve for shopping but ain’t see nothing because all my mind is thinking about is my toe. Decided to go home instead.

Took out nail clipper, cotton bud, plaster and Burnol (My favourite antiseptic cream because it’s the only antiseptic cream I know of.) Removed ripped toe nail and applied Burnol with botton bud. Decided not to use plaster because toe nail needs to breathe.

I’m going to take a nap now.

Hopefully when I wake up, toe nail would have grown back.


  • irresistablyme says:

    Oh no! Poor you! I had the very same experience once (due to my klutziness, I walk into EVERY obstacle one can think of!) and it was absolutely horrid!

    My big toe nail now has this line right down the middle – yucks! Hope your toe nail regrows soon!

  • Grace says:

    Yeah, it gives me the chills too.

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