On a Wednesday

And so, the wallet continues to bleed.

RM300 to be donated to the technician tomorrow in exchange of a working washing machine.

Therefore, Missie Grace will try to bring down her living expenses by hibernating at home with Ms.Ducky Fluffy. Crouching in a corner and indulge in her books. It has been so long since she last read. (Wait, I’ve been reading daily but I read blogs, do they count too?) And I read myself everyday.

It feels weird to be unemployed, really. When you’re without jobs in between your graduation and employed-with-your-first-job period, it is okay because you could say, “I’ve just graduated and I’m looking for a job.”

But with my situation now, it’s odd. Maybe it’s not odd. Or it’s just that I’ve been trained to work. I remember applying for a half-day leave (half day morning) and I was in the office around 10am instead of coming in after lunch. Because why? I feel guilty. Shitty, no?  I’m enjoying the break but I feel the guilt. I’m always feeling guilty of nothing sometimes.

And now, back to cleaning the house because I want to be complete.

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