Kiss Me

Adik ku ni kan banyak phone call. Lepas telefon rumah berdering, telefon bersel akan berbunyi.

We were watching the final concert of Akademi Fantasia. Was hoping the girls to win this time. Velvet or Farhan. I love Velvet’s voice. Very Kris-Dayanti.

After hanging up, Iris projected her face in front of mine. Showing me her kissy face. Nak minta ciuman lah tu.

“I don’t want to friend you la!”

“Tee hehehehehe. I’m going out to yamcha only.”

So I planted a smack on her left cheek in agreement that she’s allowed to go out with her friends.

“Hmm..” Signalling to me she wants to plant something on my cheek too.

After that, she wanted lip kissing. So, I showed her the “I’m-going-to-kiss-you” expression.

“Eeee…don’t want!”


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