Baskin Robbins

Had Chocolate ice cream today at Baskin Robbins for 99 cents.

Because we went to get a camera for Iris and so the receipt entitle us with that. Iris didn’t know how to break the news to Pappy that she wants a camera to bring over so that she could take pictures. So I brought up the request by telling Pappy that the dentist wanted Iris to take pictures of her braces when she’s in UK and she would have to email her pictures to him in order to receive the next instructions of what to do with her braces. I’m not making up stories because that’s what the dentist said.

After the purchase, I told Iris, “Later you say thank you to Pappy. You just go up to him and give him a kiss. Say you love him.”

“I don’t want to do that. Later he thinks I only love him when he buys me something.”

She got a point lor.

So I guess what she needs to do is go there and get her degree with flying colours and make Pappy proud.

Foo Foo has got a new toy today. A Baskin Robbins pink spoon.

Baskin Robbins


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  • Grace says:

    Oh, and Pappy had to pay with his credit card to have that 99 cents offer. Feels funny. Pappy told the cashier, this is the “biggest” payment he has ever made with a credit card.

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