Don’t Know What Title To Put

When someone goes overseas for further studies, it’s like the whole family who’s going. Even though Iris is the one who’s going but the four of us are worrying, planning and hoping that things go well. But that’s what family is for – doing things together!

My aunt is here today who came with her daughter to a local university who has just had a mid-semester break. My mum cooked dinner for the two of them and we drove to meet them at the university hostel.

We spent about an hour there and we had to leave because cousin sister has got a briefing at 9pm.

As we were saying goodbye to our cousin sister, I could see tears in her eyes.

When we were in the car, our aunt told us that cousin sister wanted us to leave earlier because she needed time to cry before she attends the briefing. She doesn’t want others to see her with swollen eyes.


She has a bear placed on her bed in the hostel. The bear wears a tie. The tie used to be wore by my cousin sister’s when she was a prefect in high school.

“Why do you make it wear a tie?”

“Oh, it’s because of the smell of the tie. I need to smell it in order to sleep.”

It’s the same theory of why I need to hug Ducky to sleep and why Iris needs to bring Pooh and Foo Foo to UK with her.

Girls are weird creatures, aren’t they?

We will be going to the city centre tomorrow very early in the morning. So will be “rubbing shoulders” with everyone who’s going to take the LRT to work.

Hopefully our trip is going to be fruitful because we are trying to get things done with some missing ingredients.

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