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purple sunrise

When I was in school, I had a classmate that share the same name as me. From Form 1 to Form 5. Grace Kuasa Dua (Grace to the power of two), one of the gelaran we used to have.

During art class, she drew a sunrise/sunset that was purple.

I thought it was pretty.

Cikgu Mokhtar, our art teacher was also our form teacher. He didn’t like it because he says there’s no such a thing as a purple sunrise. I don’t know why I remembered this. Maybe because I tend to observe people who share the same name as me more. Or that Cikgu Mokhtar was simply so funny! In fact, I think he’s the funniest form teacher I ever had. He likes to say, “Beribu-ribu lemon.” Beribu-ribu lemon doesn’t sound like a funny phrase at all but when he says it, it is just so funny.

So, what Cikgu Mokhtar did was, he gave her such low marks that she retorted.

“Saya tak pernah tengok sunset/sunrise yang ungu!”

“Ada Cikgu. Ada!”

“Tak ada!”

Grace was frustrated.

Grace yang lagi satu, I mean myself, have never seen a purple sunrise before. I would love to see one some day.

Tim, I still think I like the bird. Aku suka! Gracie suka!


  • Cikgu Mokhtar was here says:

    Cikgu Mokhtar copied that phrase from a Breeze detergent ads that time…and almost everything on tv sounds funny if u try to imitate it…the fact that he’s more like Chef Wan type (u know what i mean) helps, lol

  • piggy says:

    Back in high school, there’s always one Grace from Form 1 up to form 5. Even when I left school, there’s still at least one Grace in each form.

  • tim says:

    Thanks Gracie!

    Hope you’ll get a chance to see a purple sunrise or sunset one day 🙂

  • Grace says:

    Cikgu Mokhtar: He also liked to say “Kesalahan itu kesalahan kamu diri sendiri..” or something that sounds like that. Very funny too!

    piggy: Too many Graces around. 😛

    tim: You’re most welcome!
    *wishes upon a star*

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