Very busy.

No time to write. But because I cannot sit still and heart is not beating normally, writing here helps a little even though I may not be able to come up with some nice stories right now.

I’ve got an interview tomorrow and tonight I must sleep.

Tomorrow is also a make or break day because it’s the last day my sister has got to have her visa. So, even if I don’t get the job, it’s okay. I will trade it with my sister’s visa. But if can, I would like to have both.

Went to the dentist today. I didn’t get to visit my preferred dentist because he is overbooked. So, I tried another one nearby. I didn’t like that dentist because he never show me a mirror before he does anything to my teeth. Expects me to know my teeth well and to tell him what I want to do with my teeth, instead of him checking my teeth and tells me if I need to do what I want to do with my teeth. He let me bleed. After doing what he did, he didn’t show me a mirror to let me see if I’m satisfied. And it’s more expensive than my preferred dentist.

Maybe there’s one nice thing about him. He told me that it was a wrong move to have removed my molar. Two teeth that is. He’s not the first dentist to tell me that so when I heard it again from him today, I was sad. Reason why I allowed another dentist to removed them years ago was because he said my tooth was not growing properly, growing horizontally and will cause pain and problems if not dealt then. He scared me with if I don’t do it then, and when I get pregnant and if it pains me, it will be more painful and stuff like that.

And so, he removed it and because he couldn’t remove the intended tooth, he extracted the tooth before it so that it gives him more space to extract the one behind. In a way, it’s like I have to lose one tooth to another. Doesn’t sound logic and right kan?

And because of that, now I’ve got more things to do with my teeth which I’ve been trying to ignore for as long as I can until I feel pain again. I have been advised to do braces but it would mean more tooth extracting. I have already lost 2 healthy teeth so I don’t really want to lose anymore tooth.

I don’t remember where I read it but I remember that your teeth says very much about your life. Let’s say if you’ve got a set of properly-aligned tooth, life is a little more smooth-sailing for you. If you look at my teeth, it’s going north, south, east and west. Betul!

So maybe I should embrace braces.

I will never go back to that dentist I visited today. I will stick to my handsome dentist. He’s like the kindest dentist I’ve ever seen. Going to his clinic is like going to wonderland.

K lar. Sleep.


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