2nd Day of Work

“Are you the quiet type?”

“I’m quiet when I’m with strangers but when I’m with people I’m close to, I become crazy!”

“Haha. Okay. I’m the quiet type.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

Today I was given training and I’ve got work to do already.

I killed a spider while I was driving. Nothing great really because it was just a small spider. And I had to kill it because I kept imagining what if it got bigger and see it while I’m driving..then I couldn’t continue driving for sure.

Today’s a very long day and I got tired. It has been the longest day after my holiday. But I’m sure I’ll get tuned to it as I go along.

Someone called me unexpectedly this morning while I was working. I thought he was very brave to ask me out, to tell me how badly he wants his relationship with my sister to work. For the first time, I just sat there and listened to him for more than an hour.

“You are the only person I can talk to.”

It did change my impression towards him for the better bit. But really, everything lies in my sister’s hands.

Sometimes we don’t realise how important someone is, how much hurt we’ve imparted on someone until one day that person seems so far away. And then you feel like you love her so much and you know you loved her all along but you never showed it, thinking that someone would be kind enough to understand all your nonsense.

Anyway, I hope things will turn out fine.

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