Nuzul Quran

…and I’m working even though it’s a public holiday. But it doesn’t bother me really because I didn’t know this public holiday existed. I have not experienced the urge to long for a public holiday just yet because I’ve just got back from a long holiday that would extend my lifespan to another 10 years. Yes, it felt great! Next time, don’t bloody hell listen to people who make you feel bad about not getting a job before quiting one. And if they think you are crazy, let them think so because you know yourself you are perfectly fine, though you may doubt if you will be.

And it’s okay to try and quit when you realised that the job is not your cup of tea. And be honest (Okay, this depends on who you are talking to.) But from my own recent experience, I was asked why I quit my previous short-stint job and I just told him exactly how I felt. And so, he knew what I really wanted to do and why I’m applying for the job and not stuck something that I know if I continued doing will make me go crazy. And seriously, I think I would have gone crazy. That’s my 2nd job.

Looking back, even though being in my first job brought me lots of heartache, I feel grateful still for it gave me an opportunity to see the world. And I would always feel very proud to be a part of them though it’s the past now.

I cannot stop talking about the past. I don’t know why.

Let’s talk about today.

New things to learn and of course that keeps me happy. Drove a colleague out for lunch. She’s familiar with the place and I know nothing of the place so I drove and she suggested where to go and stuff like that.

She’s my only close friend I have now in the office and it’s nice. It’s always nice to have a friend even though it may only be one for now. Sometimes it gets very quiet where I work. I’m a bit not used to it because both my previous workplaces are noisy. Maybe noisy is not the word, but people were talkative.

Like when you step into the office, you greet a hearty “Good Morning” and you get back some “Good Morning”. And when you go back, you say “Bye bye” and you get back some “Bye Bye”. Here, there is little or no “Good Morning” and “Bye Bye” also very jarang.

Today was slightly noisier though because there was a briefing for new staff. After the short briefing, we had to introduce ourselves. Your name, where you’re from, which department you’re attached to and where you’re working previously.

A girl stayed back when the briefing ended and said, “Grace, which school did you graduated from in Sandakan?”

When I heard her asking that way, I was feeling so happy already.

“Sung Siew.”

She then held up a hand and I gave her a five.

She’s 2 years my senior but I’ve never met her. Now, I’ve got another friend from a different department. Yippee!

Mak aku marah aku lagi. So I pergi tidur. Continue tomorrow.

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