I Feel Like Cutting Off My Nose!

It was better if I just stayed home and rest. But then it wouldn’t look good to take MC during my first week into the new job. So my nose and me, decided to sleep a little longer before I drove to work.

And it wasn’t a good decision because it took me an hour to get to work. Sometimes I feel like I’m driving overseas just to get to work. The drive seems long to me at times, especially in the mornings and I feel like I’m driving without realising I’m driving. Yeah, it’s just one kind of feeling that’s hard to describe. And my baby – the car, she sure knows how to drink. Getting thirsty very fast.

Someone was so kind today to take order for food delivery. He suggested that there’s porridge that I could order and so I had porridge today. Hati aku tersentuh.

Sometimes it’s small gestures like this that melts hearts.

When the porridge came, it was of the wrong order. My order for porridge turned into rice. And my colleague’s order of rice was turned into porridge. And she was kind enough to let me have the porridge. Heart is smiling.

Received a phone call from a friend from Australia last night. I love receiving overseas calls.

Received a call when I got home. He thanked me for hearing him out even though things just didn’t seem to went well. When I was talking and listening to him last night, I could hear him cry. And when a guy cries, I know he’s really really sad. Gracie had to provide some words of wisdom and as I spoke, I could feel my voice starting to crack because it suddenly brought back memories when I used to be his age. I’ve hurt a guy so very deep. I made him cry. And knowing that he cried, I cried even more. When you’re young, you can be very stupid but more often than not, the feelings, they are very true.

So, I would ask myself if I could ever love that way again.

Just now, when he called, he sounded better. He sounded sure. I felt better too.

Received another call just now and it’s from my cousin sister who’s asking if she could stay over for a week. This girl is very outstanding. Very confident. Speaks very well. A go-getter basically. I enjoy looking at her grow.

Good night to the other noses who are reading this. My nose and I have decided that it’s time for bed.

It’s Casual Friday tomorrow and finally after so long, I can wear denim to work!

Have a jolly good day!

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