I Love Fridays, Don’t You?

I love the fact that I’m getting closer with my colleague sitting in front of me. It’s so easy getting along with her. Probably because we are somewhat similar in many ways.

Sometimes I send her home after work. It’s not that she stays near me. But she stays somewhere near the workplace. It was just a natural gesture for me to ask her if she wanted a lift. And I feel happy sending her back. And I know it feels happy to be offered a ride home because when I had my first job, I had someone to send me home for a couple of months before I got a car.

I was telling Mum about it and she wasn’t really happy about it. Because she says I ought to come back early. Even 5-10 minutes earlier is good. I shouldn’t be too kind. That people would take advantage of me.

But I’m happy about sending her back so if I happen to send her home again. I’m not going to tell Mum.

Like how when I was in school, I wanted so much to take the bus like everyone else but I wasn’t allowed to because it’s dangerous and bla bla bla. I know I was lucky to have mum fetch me home and sending me to school everyday without fail but taking the bus seemed interesting to me. I was very curious and I wanted to feel and experience how taking the bus is like.

So, you know what I did? I curi-curi take bus.

And Mum drives me to everywhere. Let’s say if I’ve got lunch with my classmates in town after school, she would pick me up from school and send me to town. My friends who happened to tag along would be happy.

But you know what? I have always been observing others walking down the slope from the school to the town. And I wanted to walk like them too. It requires so much of effort and assurance and even had to ask for permission from Mum if I could walk from school to town.

To summarise the above scenario, I envied those who took bus and walked. And the other way round, my friends envied me to have someone to send me around.

I am weird I know.

Writer will be off to Melaka tomorrow and will be back on Sunday. Going to visit my Grandpa whom I have not visited for a long time. The last time I saw him, he didn’t recognise me. He lived in his own world and shut himself most of the time in the room. It was later found out that the medication he took affected him.

Slowly, he recovered when another doctor cut down on his medicine. So hopefully this time around, he remembers me lah. Because I’m the only grand daughter of his that used to write him letters. Letters as in I think 2 only. Hahaha. And he didn’t reply me by writing the letter himself. He got another grand daughter of his, staying with him to reply to me. I was in Sandakan then.

But of course it signed, “Grandpa”.

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