No Response

Malunya aku hari ini!

Colleague and I were curious about another new colleague who just came onboard because we didn’t see him eating in the pantry nor did he went out for lunch. Tak payah makan ke?

And he seemed like he didn’t have any friends. Very kesian, ok? The thing I fear most is when I step into a new working environment on the first day, no one brings me to have lunch with them.

So, I sent him an email to ask him where did he have his lunch. Of course, I briefly introduced myself so that he has an idea who this girl is, tak pasal-pasal send him an email.

My colleague and I wanted to seek information so that if he’s alone, we could at least ask him to join along.

But I waited and waited. There was no reply.

Possibility #1: He didn’t check mail for the whole day.

Possibility #2: He’s shy.

Possibility #3: Aku menyampah!

So, I told my colleague that I’ll give him one week to reply my mail.

Fact #1-3: I’m crazy!


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