I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way before.

I don’t know if I should write this but I think I’ll feel better after writing it out.

I don’t know what exactly about that person that gives me a good feeling.

When I first saw him, I feel nice. And at the end of the conversation, I felt even nicer. It’s like you are bringing back a good story book. When you think about it again, all you have in mind is a book with some very memorable and quotable lines. A good story book is one that tells your story and his and how the stories are able to relate to one another. How similar but different they are. How you understand each other’s stories and you feel like there’s going to be more stories.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t really need to know certain people too deeply to know how nice and kind-hearted they are. They just someone seem to appear as what you think they are. And as you get to know them a little more, everything you think they are becomes so true. They seem to hit at all the right buttons in you without even trying to start hitting in the first place.

Then, I’ll start to imagine how wonderful it is if I could be with someone like him. Because it is so hard to find someone like him. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen someone like him. Or you could say I’ve never seen someone like him.

The best part is you know you could never be with him because there is just no way. He’s already with someone. But I don’t feel jealous but I feel so lucky for that girl because she’s like the luckiest girl on earth.

I hate to think that my feelings are more than just that. Because I don’t want it to be more than just that and I’m putting out the fire every time the heart desires. Writing this out is part of putting the fire off. Know why? Because when I fall, I fall very deeply and I cannot fall deeply in this case. I can only like him as a person and be very glad that I have a chance to know such a wonderful human being. It’s a very cozy little feeling.

I know it’s just going to be a phase. A temporary situation. But the feeling is nice to know that a man like him still exists.

If someone ask me what kind of guys do I like, I will not able to answer you but I’ll know when I see him, when I talk him, when I’m with him.

I don’t feel like this everyday and the feeling is rare. That is why I have been refraining myself from writing about it for a few days already. But I think it is not doing me any good so writing this out is the only way.

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