Shoe Size #2


This morning I discovered that my slippers above have been stolen away. Makes no sense to me. I’ve got other nicer shoes out there waiting to be stolen but this fella took my army slipper. I also don’t know why.

And I like that slippers a lot. Got it only for RM10.

Anyway, went shopping with Mum today and happened to bump into the same stall again. And I spotted the army slippers. Slightly different but still the same army colours.

Mummy: Do you have a bigger size of this slippers?

Guy: No, that’s the last pair.

So, I tried it on again. Can fit lah.

Mummy got one slippers too.

Mummy: How much is one?

Guy: One is RM5. But you cannot buy just one. You’ve got to buy a pair so it’s RM10.

Mummy: No discount?

Guy: You buy two pairs, free one plastic bag. I can give you another plastic bag if you want.

Guy: What size do you want for this?

Mummy: I thought you said this is the last pair?

Guy: Oh yaya. Kena shoot again.

Guy: Is she your mother?

Grace: Yes.

Guy: When your mother is younger, I think she used to be a killer. Because she just shoot me just now.



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