Bak Kata Pepatah

“Drive me to Esso, I want to check tyre pressure for you.”

That was Pappy talking to me in the morning before I went to work because he’s flying home this afternoon.

So, I went to pump petrol and checked the type pressure with him and then I drove off and he walked back to the house.

It was such a loving gesture and I almost choked with tears when I drove to work. I’m a bit emotional lately, maybe the fact that the house is very quiet now and Mr.Wall is not helping me. Last night I cried because I think it’s getting to me already, the effect of not having my sister around, now that my mum is away after being with me for close to 2 months and Pappy doing things, trying to make sure I’ll be fine. He even planted two indoor flowers today. One pink. The other purple.

Mr.Stalker called again today. Twice. Me no pick up.

I have a habit of leaving the office later now. Maybe because no one is at home.

And because traffic is lighter.

My wisdom tooth is suddenly growing so rapidly, I couldn’t chew well during dinner. Suddenly felt the sharp end of the tooth in the afternoon at work today. If it worsens, might need to get it extracted. If I do so, I will extract all of my wisdom teeth.

I like Karam Singh Walia, the environmental journalist who reports for TV3. His peribahasa is classic.


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