There’s this uncle who delivers food during lunch. Sometimes we tapao from him, like today.

Instead of leaving after delivering as what he normally does, he stayed on for a while. He followed us to the pantry and interviewed us, the three girls.

He looked at me and asked, “Are you a student?”

I was like…

I mean I don’t expect someone to ask me that question when I’m in the office.

You see. How lah now? Should I do something about my face?

Seriously, I get that question a lot. And when I tell them I’m already working, they look at me again, as though they can’t believe what I’m saying is true. Why? Tell me why.

He carried on asking where I stay, where I graduated from, how do I come to work. Then, he told me an alternative to LDP. Take the road to Bandar Kinrara, then you come out at Old Klang Road, then you can go straight home, no jam. Only takes 5 minutes more. So sesiapa yang tahu laluan ni, boleh shed some light? I have no idea how to connect Bandar Kinrara to Old Klang Road.

After asking the three of us, he said, “I just want to see who’s talkative, who’s quiet and who’s …” I can’t remember exactly what he said.

“I’m actually scouting for a daughter-in-law.”


I’ve never seen anyone being so direct. Normally you see mothers trying to hook up their son or daughters with someone. In this case, it’s the father. So funny!

I wanted to laugh throughout the conversation because that uncle is funny. But have to tahan, cannot simply laugh. We were so hungry already but have to listen to him talk. He speaks perfect English.

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