I know this is a little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m supposed to write an entry of 2006 recollection but did not have the time to do so….so, we’ll just start from here for 2007, okay?

While most of you went to work for the first day today, it was my third working day.

Your expression now —> 😮

How was it like working on 1st January? Quite special. Given the fact that I’ve never worked on 1st January. And because I had to work I wasn’t seen in any countdown parties. I just went to Pappy’s friend’s house for potluck dinner (Sometimes I wonder if I have friends because I’m always at my parents’ friend’s house?)

I brought tom yum mee hoon which mum cooked for the potluck dinner the night before to work. One box for me and another box for my colleague. We were the only two girls in the department who came to work. In the afternoon, another girl came in unexpectedly. We also had lemang and rendang. My neighbour gave it to us on Hari Raya Haji. Sedap!

Internet connection is slow but it was very fast on 1st January. Maybe because everyone’s either out there having fun or sleeping. 2nd January, it was back to slow mode. Today’s better though.

Pappy flew back today so yesterday we had a family dinner with the relatives. Pappy then went out with my uncle and cousin brother for a short discussion so Mummy and I had to hang out at cousin brother’s house for a while. I was kept company and entertained by my 3 year old nephew. This is my first close encounter with him. Before this, he was just a baby when I saw him.

He is so adorable. So friendly. So cheeky. So cute. So playful. I wished I had a kid like him.

He took out two cars from this playing box. I waved to him, signalling him to come towards me. And with just that wave of hand, he continued to play with me for an hour or so. He tooked out every single toy car in that box of his and showed it to me one by one. He even took two cars by his hand and then knocked them, telling me it’s called accident.

Pandai, kan?

His smile is so pretty.

There were a few times where he stood really close in front of me. Then he caressed both my arms with his little hands. I don’t know where he learnt that but it melt my heart and because he didn’t only did it once but a few times. My heart melted until cannot melt already. And when he caresses me, he smiles so prettily. It was a warm and fuzzy a little feeling. Can I have this caress forever?

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