Why Is It So Hard for a 25-Year-Old to go for a Movie?

A friend commented that I have been a bit down recently, ever since the new year. You know, you may be right. My temper is very short-lived these few days. I snap very easily. I’m tired of holding back because the same thing keeps repeating over and over again. I was writing a ranting post but have not completed it and may not even complete it because it would be too hard to read. But I feel better now anyway after writing about it even if it goes unpublished. In short, Mummy and I am not getting along really well to the point where I talked back. I hardly ever talk back but my patience has got a limit. I think I’m turning into a monster.

I want to have a better week ahead. I really need it.

Anyway, this is Sheepy, new friend of Foo Foo and Pooh in Cardiff. Say hello!



  • FooFoo says:

    U know, u said b4 that u r not lovely when u r hungry
    Likewise, u r definitely not pleasant to talk to when i can feel u in a “ready-to-snap” mode
    Demonstrate ur maturity and be diplomatic when confronting this issue with Mum
    And no one knows better “How?” besides urself
    Till then, i shall refrain from initiating any conversation w/ ‘snappy grace’
    But an empathetic ear is here whenever u need it.

  • Grace says:

    I’m sorry if I sounded like I’m ready to snap. You don’t have to refrain from initiating a conversation with Snappy Grace. I’m not always snappy you know?

    Knowing my mum, the only “How?” is to retreat I guess. I’ve tried explaining but it seems to be going nowhere. Sometimes I think she’s just bored so she lets it out and because the only person in the house is me, so that’s me lah.

    I get it every morning before I go to work, every evening after I come home from work, every night before I sleep. It’s not nice, really. About the shoes I wear, of how I don’t know how to eat, don’t know how to drive, don’t know how to park, don’t know how to dress, don’t know how to talk, etc.

    Anyway, whatever it is, I’m just going to install Patience version 2, complete with extra patience boost, for a smooth running mother and daughter relationship.

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