Monster Transforms Into Cute Bunny!

Ada tak orang yang panggil saya Monster instead of my name Grace?


Memang ada!

And you think it’s very funny, kan?

And so…I tak nak jadi monster dah.

Sebab mood aku bagus, I want to list down my new year’s resolution, whether or not it will materialise is another question.

1. Be more patient. It’s like it’s never enough. Sometimes I think I have lots of it but then I need some more.

2. Learn a new language. I’m waiting for a friend’s signal. He say go, I will go. Muahaha!

3. Indulge in McDonald’s Prosperity Burger. This is simple because I completed it today. Hehe.

4. Dress up to work. Although there is no potential opposite sex in the office to attract, I’m just doing my self-confidence a little boost. The working environment is more casual than my previous workplace but at times, I put on my formal three quarter long sleeve shirt. In stripes. I have so many stripe shirts. Cos why? I suka.

5. Work like I don’t need money.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

7. Exercise. I’m so bloody lazy one lor, you know or not?

8. Get married. You can pretend you didn’t hear or read anything.

9. That I would be good.


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