It’s going to be happy Wednesdays and Thursdays for me because the American Idol is back!

I only had dinner at almost 10 because I waited for Pappy who somehow got home late. He apologised but I wasn’t angry. I was hungry though but the television kept me entertained.

Am listening to Utada Hikaru’s Final Distance. I love this song of hers…very much. I was reading through someone’s blog and saw the title of this song. Have been playing it non-stop in the office today, it will continue tomorrow too.

You know what? Tomorrow’s Utada Hikaru’s birthday. She shares the same birthday as Iris. I used to have a friend ( I don’t know where he is now.) that was so obssessed with Hikki (Utada Hikaru’s nickname) that I was somehow made to listen to her album, Deep River, in which the song – Final Distance – was in.

When you like someone, or when you are hoping that someone will like you in return, you try to like things that you never think you would like. Doing things that has never crossed your mind. I’ve tried playing albums and fallen in love with songs. I’ve bought a packet of Oreo biscuits a few days after someone bought me and shared the packet of Oreo with me. It just seemed so sweet that I had to go get another packet of Oreo myself, from the same mamak shop, to remind me of the sweetness…because I wanted to have the feeling all over again.


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