Acrobatic Lion

It is “Me” Day. I’m on my own now until I reunite with my parents during Chinese New Year, which is about 2 weeks from now. Can’t wait!

Went to have my hair cut today and got to watch the acrobatic lion dance performance at One Utama which started at 4pm. By 3pm, I was already waiting there, to see the lions. I really don’t know why I like them so much. Only know it makes me happy when I see one. One of the reason why I like to spend Chinese New Year in Sandakan so much is that it is filled with lion dance troupes. Every 1st, 2nd, 3rd day of Chinese New Year, I’ll be waiting on the bed, waiting for the sound of the drums, like how children wait for Santa Claus to come on Christmas Day. No kidding. I’m really excited to the max. And I think as I age, the more excited I get. They usually come very early on the 1st day, around 8am.

Anyway, because it was only 3pm and there is another hour to go before the performance starts, I went walking around and when I got back half an hour before the performance started, the crowd was already there, booking a spot for themselves. See? At least I’m not the only one who’s so obssessed with lions. But then I was late because I couldn’t find an empty slot to squeeze in. I stood behind a couple and prayed hard they would be impatient to wait till 4pm and will leave and I would have a place to stand. Guess what? They really left. Me so happy only. Quickly hop into that empty space like a Bunny who just found her orangey carrot.

After that, two budak kecik squeeze in front of me so I have to really stand still because there’s one budak besar (mother of budak kecik) standing behind me who really did make a close contact that she was literally leaning against my back lah. Next to me stood two pair of couples, to my left and right, so really cannot move at all. Taking my camera from my bag also did require some stunt because I was holding a shopping bag and cannot simply swing lah. Want to turn around to see who’s the budak besar also cannot because if I do so, I’ll be kissing her already.

If you want to see more pictures, click on the picture above to be redirected to another link. Not that the pictures are pretty since I was standing a level above it and taking from afar. But boleh lah.

By 11am, cars were already queueing up to enter the car park in One Utama. And when you enter the shopping centre, it’s like everything’s free. No need money to buy. I also want to pokkai already. This month is going to be the month I spend a lot of money. It started with buying an air ticket to fly home. A return ticket, KL – Sandakan, KL, if you’re flying MAS is now RM1500. It used to be only RM800. And because I’m not that rich to fork out RM1500, I’m flying AirAsia and because it’s the festive season and because I book only two months ago, it costs around RM800++ (return ticket), still cheaper than MAS lah.

But then, I still feel like going shopping sebab setahun hanya sekali saya shop massive punya.

Ok, sleep.



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