CNY Day 4: Chicken Wings

FINALLY, I can access the Internet at home! *jumping up and down*

Lion Dance

Met this green lion just after having our breakfast at Restoran 2020, Bandar Kim Fung, which serves the best Fish Slice + Salted Vegetable Mee Hoon Soup. The lion is so pretty!

Before that, the sound of the drum woke me up this morning when the lion came visiting us at 8 o’clock this morning. Very early! Wanted to continue sleeping but when I hear the sound of the drum, I just can’t. How can I miss the opportunity to see a lion visiting my house? I woke up and waited for its arrival. I pray that lion dance will last forever!

Had lunch at Good Taste Bah Kut Teh, Bandar Nam Tung. Yummy! A trip back home is not complete without a meal of Bah Kut Teh, ‘Fish’ Kut Teh, ‘Vege’ Kut Teh and etc. Bah Kut Teh here is different than that of KL.

Joined my ex-schoolmates at English Tea House for tea and then went to town in search of ais kacang, satay and “Cow Shit” Tart (????- local delicacy of Sandakan. I found out today that it’s also being referred to as UFO, because of its shape. The’s nice and it’s nothing like how the name sounds. Didn’t get to eat ais kacang and satay (not that I fancy them but a friend does) because they are not open today. I’ll see if I get to eat any this time around because there wasn’t any in the coffee shop we went to today.

We continued our food hunting journey at Mile 4 and ended up eating chicken wings at Pasar Kim Fung. Kiong Kee Chicken Wings, served with limau kasturi to add a tinge of sourness to the chicken and a small plate of chilli sauce to add spice to it. I didn’t get to eat this last Chinese New Year so that makes it 2 years not eating any so when I got to eat it today, it tasted so heavenly. I want more!

More pics later…


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