CNY Day 5: Immigration

Happiness is…seeing this red notice hanging on my gate in the morning.



It has been such a LONG time since someone sponsored to bring lion dance to the housing estate I’m staying. There used to be lion dance performance many years back and I’m very happy that this time around, I can walk down memory lane again.

More so, the basketball court is just opposite my house. YB Au Kam Wah, even though I do not know you, thank you very much for bringing lion dance this Saturday. I can’t wait! Hopefully, it’s going to be more than one lion. I haven’t had to chance to watch the dragon dance and the Hokkien lion dance. There is only one in Sandakan so it’s quite hard to spot it.

Berita Harian Merdeka

One thing I miss doing is flipping through our very own daily Chinese newspaper – Berita Harian Merdeka (?????. Bought The Star too and read about how crowded the Immigration office in Pusat Bandar Damansara is. Coincidently, I was on my way to get my passport renewal done.

There wasn’t much of a crowd here in the Immigration office, Wisma Persekutuan, Sandakan but the machine is down so that means I won’t be able to get the renewal done today. They are waiting for the technician to fly from KL to Sandakan to get it repaired. My goodness. Why can’t they get someone who is based in Sandakan?

Went to Kedai Kopi Shin Cheong Loong for ais kacang. And my friends had satay. I’ve never fancied eating satay and I have no particular reason why. Met some of my ex-classmates while we were there.

Had dinner at Pasir Putih and got to taste “Manila Clams” or locally known as “Sah Bak” (Cantonese). I only know the English name to it today while I was going through the receipt. I don’t know if it’s found in Manila but you can only get it in Sabah. It is yummy!

Someone drove me out for a ride and bought me Iced Chocolate. How sweet!

More sweetness tomorrow! Pictures..will only publish when I get back to KL. I want to savour the moments while I’m still here in Sandakan. Time really flies!

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