CNY Day 14: Dong Dong Dong Qiang!

My next door neighbour is chanting. So many of them chanting. It has been going on for about an hour or more. I couldn’t take it anymore, I closed the doors and windows, blasting my Chinese New Year songs.

Talking about Chinese New Year songs, that was what I was listening to when I was driving before the accident occured because I was moody and down and restless the whole day at work. It has been such a long time since I felt that way. Am sure the long holiday contributed to it but it was also because of the work I was doing at work, was pretty boring work I did on the first day of work. It’s always like that, before something bad happens, you feel very very restless and then when the accident happened, you understand why you’re feeling restless for the whole day. It’s a sign.

To cheer myself up and put a smile on my face again, I played some Chinese New Year songs in the car. And then it went crash boom bang!

The funny part is when the workshop guy who drove my damaged car to the side of the road asked,

“Leng lui, you listening to Chinese New Year songs ar?”


It was supposed to be a joke or a line to make me loosen up a bit.

Apart of me jerking to the front as I braked till I knew I couldn’t brake in time to stop hitting the car, my eyes closed as I pressed on the brakes harder. My bag flown down to the floor of the front seat, my coins are all over the place, the Mandarin Orange which I brought back from work flew down too, my house key and my red Patrick dog which is on the dashboard, flew towards the windscreen. I put him to my bag as the workshop guy asked if there was anything I wanted to take with me before the car is being towed away.

Patrick the red toy dog, followed me to the police station and then home. And when I came back, I hugged Ducky and then after talking to Pappy on the phone, I sat on the floor in a corner and cried.

CNY Day 15 entry is going to be a happy, photo-filled entry. Enough of sad stories already!!!

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