CNY Day 13: Back to Work Again

After taking a day off from work yesterday(yea, another precious annual leave burnt) to submit all my documents for third party claim and to visit the workshop and my car, I’m back to work today. Brought some cookies for everyone in the department to eat. They loved the chocolate cookies and I immediately sent an SMS to tell Mummy about it. She’s been worried sick after listening to what happened so I just wanted to make her feel a little happier.

Thank goodness I’ve got kind souls to drive me to work. A friend of mine takes me from my house to the LRT station and then a colleague of mine would pick me up from the LRT station and head straight to the office. I don’t know how long I’m going to be car-less. The workshop guy said it’s going to take a week but I doubt so..because it would take longer than that.

On my way back home, there were 3 accidents along LDP. I’ve never seen so many accidents along one stretch of road. So, for those who are driving, please, please drive carefully.

This Chinese New Year isn’t anything like how I expected it to be. All these years, they have been a jolly good one for me. This year around, it started off good but I just felt that this Chap Goh Meh may not be as jolly good for me, based on what I’m feeling right now.

Whatever it is, I’m going to try my best to make this year a good year for me.


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