It Just Doesn’t Feel The Same Anymore

I got my car back today. Workmanship wasn’t very smooth but acceptable. I don’t think it’ll ever look brand new anymore. It just doesn’t feel the same anymore too. When I look at the car, I just feel a little sad still. Oh well, at least, she’s still up and running and she takes me to work so I’m going to make sure she has a safe journey from now onwards. Of course, sometimes we couldn’t stop accident from happening but I just need to be careful.

Drive safe. You can make a difference.

I always listen to this tagline on the radio after the traffic report but today it seemed to drill into my head.

I drove very slowly and carefully today. Saw an accident in Cyberjaya(Not when it happened but after that.). The second time that I see the accident at the same spot. Quite serious as the side of the car crashed towards the lamp post. So, I think that is quite a deadly curve.

I don’t know why I always write about accidents that I see on the road. Come to think of it, I have seen a lot more accidents in these few recent months than I did a year ago. Maybe of the route I’m taking now which is more accident-prone and that I travel longer than I used to.

Need to send my car for service tomorrow. Oil light indicator is not working properly, showing empty even though it’s full.

I want to go for a movie very badly. Watched Protege last week and it’s yummy!

Want to watch Music and Lyrics, Dreamgirls, Bridge to Terabithia, Charlotte’s Web, 300, Mukhsin, The Pursuit of Happyness. So tell me, where do I start? If I watch 3 movies in a day, can finish watching them during the weekend. But am I crazy enough to do that?


  • Coffeeholic says:

    Music and Lyrics first :d It will make your day.
    Nope, movie marathon is not crazy, no worries. Get something to delight yourself as a reward. TGIF! :d/

  • Grace says:

    Hmm okay, then it’s time to drag someone to watch with me.

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