Boyfriends and Restaurants

A colleague asked the delivery uncle if he delivers food at night.

So, he asked for her mobile number and then he passed to her another number and said, “This is my son’s number.”

He continued by spreading his philosophy which goes like this..

“Getting a boyfriend is like eating in a restaurant. If there’s 10 restaurants, you’ve got to try 10 restaurants. If there’s 100 restaurants, you’ve got to try 100 restaurants. That way, only you can find the best one for yourself.”

I was trying very hard not to laugh.

So, have you found your favourite restaurant yet? /:)


  • huisen says:

    I’m terribly fussy about food. I demand flavour, aroma and presentation at a reasonable price.

    So no, I haven’t found my favourite restaurant yet.

    Now, was all that just a metaphor?


  • Grace says:

    Hui Sen, thank you for dropping by! Ah, then you’ve got to keep searching! hehee

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