Omitsu Koshi

Had dinner with Pappy at a Japanese restaurant in Damansara Jaya – Omitsu Koshi. I miss this place a lot because I haven’t been here for a very very very very long time. I love this place. Good food and reasonable price.

Yesterday, I had roti canai for breakfast. Though the roti wasn’t as crispy but it did satisfy my hunger for roti canai. I haven’t had roti canai for a very very very very very long time. So, it tasted heavenly with that glass of teh tarik. I always stick to roti canai or what you call roti kosong. I hardly ever order other kinds of roti, like roti telur or roti bawang. Maybe why I like roti canai is because it’s simple.

Then, two days ago, I suddenly felt like drinking milk. Otherwise, affectionately known as “nen nen”. Don’t you think “nen nen” describes the word “milk” aptly?

Nen nen.

Nen nen.

I want my nen nen.

Actually hor, I miss those days when Iris and I would pull out a mattress from out of nowhere and place it in front of the television. Then both of us will lie down on the mattress, watch the television while holding on tight to our milk bottles. So nice.

Nen nen…


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