Alice in Wonderland

I was bored and I went around to take some pictures and I just realised that my house is like a playground.

Playground 1

Playground 2

Picture #1: A frisbee. I don’t know where Iris got it. The Kuku Malu Board. Got it from Jusco. I didn’t buy it. Iris did. Those writing on the board, it’s hers too. It was written so that before I go to work, I read that line. It was written when I was working in a call centre, where things get can unhappy sometimes.

Picture #2: A bear given by either Mummy or Pappy. I think it’s from the cosmetics, Avon, but I don’t really remember. The middle brown dog is from the “evil” cousin sister. The black dog wasn’t given by anyone. I adopted it. It was found downstairs at the car park. I didn’t want it to be a stray dog so I took it home. Now, he has a home. He has a brown friend hanging next to him. And they live happily ever after with Mama Bear.

Today. My name is Alice.

I’ll get Grace for you. Tomorrow.

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