That Corner

I am happy by the end of my working hour. I’ve moved place in the office. From the centre front to a corner at the back. I like.

It feels like I own a small corner to myself even though I’m not the only one to that corner. Before this, I have people sitting left, right, front and back of me. Now, I cannot see the person sitting in front of me unless he decides to bring up the blinds of the room. No one sitting to the left because it’s a corridor. The person sitting at the back of me has her back facing mine. It’s not really corner corner. But a table away from the corner. And my right neighbour moved with me as well and now still sitting to my right. She’s got the corner corner. My English sucks tonight.

I think a change of the sitting place would do me some good. I was feeling a little excited when I sat at the new place. The other thing that I like is that if I need to see something green, I just need to tilt my head to the window and let the eyes absorb the green screnery outside.

You have a nice weekend! 🙂

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