The Soya Shop

I must tell you about this place before I forget. Been wanting to write this since yesterday but I keep forgetting.

There’s a place in One Utama called The Soya Shop. It’s located at the Lower Ground floor, Old Wing. Little corner shop just opposite Baskin Robbins. I’ve tried the soyabean here a long, long time ago and I find it nice.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I was thinking of where to sit down for a drink and she saw this place and so we thought we’d just settle with this one. The last time I came, they were only selling soya milk and tau foo fah. Now, they have glutinuous rice ball (otherwise known as tong yuen) in 4 different fillings, red bean, lotus, cocunut and chocolate.

It’s basically a bowl of soya milk with 4 glutinuous rice balls in it. I took the one with red bean and my girlfriend ordered the one with lotus. We swapped one glutinuous rice ball with each other so that we could have a taste of both.

And I must say, the first spoon of soya milk that went into my mouth was so good that I told my girlfriend, “This isn’t too sweet.” She was actually saying the same thing to me at about the same time.

And when we got to the part of the glutinuous rice ball, I must say I loved it very very much. It’s very soft. And because the fillings are sweet but the soya milk isn’t that sweet, they complement each other very well. After finishing that bowl of soya milk and tong yuen, I felt so smooth.

I will be going back for more!


  • huisen says:

    The strange thing about living so close to 1U is that I don’t go there much. It’s one of those taken for granted things. As in “It’s always going to be there!”

    How close? I don’t drive there. I walk.

  • Grace says:

    I can also walk there but maybe it would take slightly longer. I drive there and I’m always there. And today I discovered that the same shop is in Ikano too.

  • huisen says:

    Howdy neighbour!

  • Grace says:


  • piggy says:

    They’ve always had the tong yuen as part of the menu. I’ve tried it last time before I came to Perth! And I really miss the soya milk and tau foo fah there. It’s one of the best I’d ever had albeit slightly pricey.

  • Grace says:

    Then I must have been blind!

    Especially if you take away. You have to pay 20 cents more.

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