It Looks Better Now

It took me one afternoon to just clean and arrange things in my study room. A room I spend most my time besides the living room and bedroom. It now looks like a cleared jungle. I like it. It can be better but as for now, I’m contented.

It wasn’t easy arranging Iris’s stuff with her stack of Law notes, which I’m sure I cannot throw at the moment.

Vacuumed and washed the toilet. I didn’t feel like mopping because I felt tired already. So, I’ll continue tomorrow.

Good night.


  • Mousy says:

    Hammy! Thank you for arranging my stuff o! I can’t even remember in what state i left it! I hope it wasn’t too bad. About my law notes, well, I don’t need it for now, but i think it is worth keeping for future reference or even to help my seniors! So, just chuck in all in a box, or just leave it all in one stack!

  • Grace says:

    Ham, you’re welcome. It’s not as bad as me killing Mummy’s pandan plants. I am getting ready to be slaughtered by her.

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