*cell phone beeps at 5:55 am today*

It’s my little sister messaging me in the wee hours of the morning because she misses me. Needs to manja me.

And this certainly needs a prompt reply because I know how it feels when you miss someone and you don’t get any response. Can be very torturing.

But of course, if I hate you, I don’t mind you going through the torture.

So I replied and in which I got another reply, “Yer, why are you awake geh? Is it 6 am there?”

The messages ping-ponged for one hour. In between that one hour, I collapsed and then woke up, collapsed and then woke up because I wanted to sleep and also replied the messages.

*Gracie wakes up at 7am this morning* —> ACHIEVEMENT!!!

…considering the fact that I have such great difficulties in arriving at the workplace before 9:30am for the previous week, which is the latest time allowed. Today I reached before 9. Wait, I reached slightly after 8:30am. Before that, dropped by the post office to send a card home. Mother’s Day this weekend, you see.

Came home and cooked.

Steamed egg with minced pork.

One of my favourite dish because it’s easy to cook and tastes good to me.

I have nothing to write about today, really.


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