The Music Cafe

Like I said, I’m going to have a GREAT weekend and I DID!

Spent the whole day with the girlfriend.

Had to work half day today and I wasn’t really doing any work. Just a little bit of work here and there while I count the hours before I can clock out and get myself to KL city.

Cyberjaya –> Times Square. 1 hour and 30 minutes. Could have just been one hour but traffic along Jalan Hang Tuah doesn’t seem to be moving and then had to go to Basement 4 to get a parking space.

Had to cross over bridge to get to Sungei Wang. I usually park in Times Square when I plan to go to Sungei Wang because it feels safer, it’s brighter and cheaper. Maximum rate of RM6 instead of being charged hourly after exceeding a certain hours. Usually when I’m there, I’ll be spending my whole day there.

Then, it’s SHOPPING time! Shopping makes a girl very happy even if it means just walking into a petrol kiosk to get a box of mint. At least, that’s how I look at it.

Bought hair serum, a tee, a black cardigan, white shoes to replace my favourite shoes (Her days are numbered and I actually helped in making the dying process to seem a little more faster when I accidentally brushed it hardly on the road. Because sometimes I don’t know how to walk so I scolded myself.) and the Japanese series, A LITRE OF TEARS.

…which made me even happier!

We then walked back to Times Square to have some ice-cream and Pappy called to tell me that he’s in Mid Valley. I was like….HUH? He always like doing this to me. Coming to KL without telling me.

Anyway, girlfriend and I walked to Times Walk. I didn’t know there’s this place known as Times Walk. Just next to Times Square. A row of restaurants/cafes. Went to this place called Wings. A music cafe. Both of us have never been to this place and it was a random decision/choice. But it turned out that we LOVE this place so much.

Good food. Reasonable price. Good songs. Cozy ambience. We were sitting next to a wall, a table for two, a light in the shape of shell on the table letting out dim golden light.

But I think you will only love this place if you are into Mandarin/Cantonese songs. They didn’t sing any English songs tonight but they did Kris Dayanti’s Menghitung Hari which was very nice. The one song that made everyone became quiet and listened attentively was “????????“.

It has been so long since I last heard this song and to have songs sung live, with guitar and the piano just brings a different taste to a song, and it’s mesmerising.

Left at 12:30am. We have been sitting for like 4 hours.

Times Square –> Home. 15 minutes.

…and very happy.


  • piggy says:

    Oh great! You got the series! Let me know what you think bout it after you’ve watched it. A gf of mine got emo the whole of today after watching it 😐

  • Mousy says:

    Japanese series! Must watch it when i go back! I want sg wang and times square too!! Boo Hoo…:(

  • Grace says:

    Piggy: I’ll need to watch a Korean series which a colleague has been asking me to watch for the past 6 months. After finishing that, I’ll start watching this Japanese series.

    Mousy: When you come back, I chauffeur you to every imaginable place on earth and I will assure you that it will be the bestest moment of your life! Perhaps, the bestest moment of my life before you leave me to study another year abroad.

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