Are You Getting Married?

Sometimes Pappy likes to talk to me about life.

The last long and good heart-to-heart conversation I had with him was at the Bali International Airport, when our flight was delayed for about 3 hours. Mummy and her friends were already inside waiting at the departure hall but Pappy decided to stay outside since there’s a lot more time to kill. I then chose to accompany Pappy and that is how we started talking…for a very long time. About work, career, relationships.

Once in a while he would ask me if I’m happy. And if I’m not, he could actually sense it through my voice, even though somtimes I deny it so that it doesn’t worry him. But of course, he would insist that I tell him why I’m not happy and what’s bothering me.

Last night, he asked a question which put me into shock.


“…. No?”

“What about the guy?”

“Pa, we’ve broken up for a year already.”

“So…no more lah?”

“No more.”

And Mummy called a few days ago, she was talking to me about something and then she said to me, “Age is catching up!” She wasn’t referring to herself but she was referring to me.

I certainly do not need that kind of pressure, into getting married just for the sake of getting married.

“Grace, what is your plan? Are you going to study or what are you going to do about your job?”

Seriously, I’ve got no plan at the moment and I don’t have any plans laid out for the next 2-3 years.

I take each day as it comes.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I can say I’m happy, although sometimes I do get a bit you-know about him, but it’s still under control.


  • piggy says:

    It’s the wheel of life. I’ve been getting questions somewhat similar to this, although indirectly cause they were posed to my mum instead of me. Oh, the pressure of it all. Sigh..:-s

  • nathan says:

    aiya whatever will be will be… plans get screwed anyways… so dun think too much, perhaps plannin for the next weekend, something for you to look forward to… should make life better… like me… i look forward to every weekend, sleep 🙂

  • huisen says:

    I’m 32, single never married, 4 former girlfriends and no current girlfriend. 1 – bad breakup. 2 – left behind in Australia, 3 – too young and 4 – better off as a friend. You’re absolutely right, you can’t plan these things. I have no major responsibilities and no dependents. One day at a time until I do.

    My parents aren’t worrying too much about me still being single. Even when I’m their only hope for grandchildren. My sister has declared a childless marriage. I’m not a big worry and it’s mostly down to me being male.

    Parents, usually, worry about daughters. My sister drove my mum nuts (very strange choices of boyfriends) and even when she finally got married (at 31) it wasn’t all butterflies and daisies. True, he wasn’t her social, educational and intellectual equal but he loves her to bits. That put me automatically on his side. My parents came around by the wedding. Dad was quicker than mum though!

  • nathan says:

    aiya… that’s called life… 4 gf all 3rd party 🙂 too bad

  • Grace says:

    Piggy: It can really annoying sometimes! Grrrrr…!

    Nathan: Totally agree!

    Huisen: Thank you for sharing your story.

  • andrew says:

    when i look at what my seniors (5 yrs and 7yrs elders) in the office are doing, and i thought if i use their approach, i.e. take a day as it comes, most probably i would be like them 5-7yrs then.

    i ask myself if that is what i wanted to be. i try to see if they (seniors) are doing anything different to what juniors are doing. after all these self-questioning and answering, i started to think and decide seriously about further study.

    it is not that my senior is not capable or less superior, my senior has lots of working experience and good with technical knowledge. But i have a feeling that they are taking a day as it comes and hoping that something good comes along (e.g. promotion / new project that promotes further learning). I dont like tat, i prefer to plan and do something instead of waiting. I prefer to work towards a way tat i’ve always dream of working since i was small (e.g. i love innovative and like to find chance to apply my ideas in work).

    just sharing my recent thoughts. 🙂

  • Grace says:

    I know what you mean and thanks for sharing. 😉

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