Love You

Phone rang at 1:24am.

Missed the first call because it took me a while to wake up from my deep sleep.

“Grace, I’m drunk.”

It is a simple statement but it’s so hard to understand it at 1:24am when you are not fully awake.


“I’m drunk.”

Girls need to release liquid when they are sad, stressed and disappointed by crying. Guys need to take in more liquid when they are stressed and bored by drinking. But of course, it can happen the other way round too.

He must have had a very bad day. I can sense it by listening to the tone of his voice.

“I will be fine. You go back to sleep, okay?”

5 minutes later, I was still holding on to my phone and now very awake. I just had to call him again to make sure he’s okay.

“Call me when you reach home.”

“You sleep, okay? I will send you a message when I get home.”

Always ask people to sleep.

He SMSed me as said and I replied, “I know it has been very hard for you..but don’t give up.”

I wanted to add two more words to the message but I was typing and deleting, typing and deleting it.




“Love Yo”

“Love Y”

Grace, what the hell lah. If you feel it, just type it!

“Love you.”

Message sent.


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