The Spouse

I am wearing my new white shoes as of writing this. Ya I know. I’m crazy.

It’s a little tight now since it’s new. It’s the expandable kind as you wear it longer. So, I just wanted to help expand it before I wear it tomorrow to a seminar…with Pappy.

A seminar in which I know nothing about..and Pappy says I might not even understand a thing about it.  But I’ve got to be there because Pappy needs company. My dad…he can be really manja at times. So, being a daughter, I cannot refuse his request even though, really, deep down inside, I just feel like not to be there tomorrow. I’m still talking myself into removing that bad thought and should just attend the seminar tomorrow with a positive attitude.

Mummy is supposed to be the one accompanying him. Because Pappy paid for himself and his spouse.

“So, Pa, I’m going to be your spouse tomorrow is it?” I asked him.


So tomorrow I’m going to try to be a really good spouse even though I know I don’t look like one.

The seminar will continue into a dinner and I have no idea if it’s going to be a grand one, a normal one. I asked Pappy and he has no idea and so I have no idea of what I’ll be wearing tomorrow. I shall take it as tomorrow comes.

Now, I need to get some sleep because I watched television with him till 12:30am. Very happy but also very tired.

But of course, happiness overweighs the tiredness. But even so, I still need to sleep!



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