Sometimes My Pappy Can Be Very Funny!

Dalam era teknologi yang serba canggih ini, situasi berikut akan berlaku.

Pappy sent me an SMS this morning to wake me up. I don’t know why he did that instead of knocking on my door.

His SMS read, “Ho Ho. Breakfast.”


The day before, he was wearing Iris’s Minnie Mouse’s t-shirt while watching television. I pointed to the Minnie Mouse and laughed cheekily. In fact, he even wore it to have a game of tennis.

“Pa, don’t your friends ask you why you’re wearing a Minnie Mouse t-shirt?”

“Oh, a friend just said, “It must be your daughter’s shirt””


He also bought a tweety bird and bugs bunny thumbdrive. I don’t know who he wants to give it too. But I know it’s not me.

And, he bought 3 the shape of a football. White, pink and green. He put the white football whistle in my car.

“Pa, why are putting a whistle in my car?”

“So that when you need to blow a whistle, you can blow.”

He then started to try blowing the whistle but the whistle wasn’t working fine. It gave out “air” if you know what I mean. So he tried the pink whistle at home and asked me to take that instead.


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