The Post Office

Sneaked out from the office to get to the nearest post office.

I have got a very important and urgent document to send to Pappy. And I also have a Father’s Day card that I wanted to send by normal post to Pappy.

While filling up the poslaju form, I dropped the card into the post box.

Drove back to the office and while I was waiting behind the red traffic light, I was suddenly reminded that the card does not have a postal stamp on it.


Who on earth would post a letter without a stamp on it?


Oh God.



  • Mousy says:

    Ahh!! So how?did u put return addresS? should ask the post office ppl tmr! ANyway, i just asked my landlord about the house, and he said that u guys can come over and stay no problem!! So that;s good..anyway, i seldom go online now, and im going to move into nick’s house hopefully after tmr i will be able to chat with u!

  • Grace says:

    No return address. I will need to serenade to Pappy now that I’ve lost the card.

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