The effect of jet lag is disastrous!

I had to force open those eyes this morning. For the whole day at work, I was cranky. My hair looked like they belong to the lion. I know I put up a shitty face at work today but I just cannot help it. I’m just so bloody tired.

Asked the boss if I could leave earlier today but my request was rejected.

Came back, had dinner and fell asleep on the sofa which I sat on immediately. Not kidding.

Woke up about an hour or so later to take my bath.

I think it should get better tomorrow.


  • pelf says:

    Heya Grace, I haven’t been here long enough to NOT know that you were away for a holiday! How was sis’ graduation? Show some pictures, will ya?

    BTW, the Blogathon went on smoothly, and I managed to raise USD 800 for Eden Handicap. Thank you for your sponsorship! =)

  • Grace says:

    Hi Pelf, sis’s graduation went well. Pictures will come along later because I’m quite busy lately.

    Glad that the Blogathon went on smoothly. USD 800 sounds like an achievement to me! 🙂

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